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Research Reveals that “Mindfulness” Can Make People Fit

Who would have guessed that getting fit could be so effortless? Rather than treating the body like an enemy that needs to be "whipped into shape", recent studies have found that just being “mindful” of activities you do can make you more fit than someone who does the exact same activity, but isn’t mindful of it.

Why is it that kids naturally love to be active, but then usually become much more inert as they enter adulthood? For decades, psychologists around the world have studied why people exercise, and why they don’t, to discover what really works. Finally, we’re starting to get some helpful, and surprising answers.

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The Grudge: Research Suggests Resentment Harms Cardiovascular and Nervous Systems

For anyone who saw the Japanese remake of The Grudge, you’ll already know just how dangerous a grudge can be—it can get your lifeless body shoved up in the attic to spend eternity with a creepy little boy and his cat, for example. But apparently that''s not all. According to the Mayo Clinic, holding onto a grudge can physically affect your cardiovascular and nervous systems.

In one study, people who focused on a personal grudge had elevated blood pressure and heart rates, as well as increased muscle tension and feelings of being less in control. When asked to imagine forgiving the person who had hurt them, the participants felt more positive and relaxed and the negative changes dissipated. Conversely, other studies have found that forgiveness has positive effects on health.

But how does the simple act of imaging that you have forgiven someone (even if you really haven’t yet) cause a physiological change in the body?

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