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Routes to Split and its surroundings

The beating heart of the city of Split in Croatia (the second largest city) is the Palace of Diocletian. Although the city of Split has a wonderful old city, the jewel in its crown is the Palace of Diocletian. The story begins many years ago the Emperor Diocletian, a native of nearby Salona, ​​he built a palace for him here around 300 AD, where he spent the last 7 years of his life. This is an imperial retreat house on the shores of the Adriatic!

Input and around the palace in Split:

This is because one of the best and preserved remains of a Roman palace in the world, the Palace of Diocletian is not a traditional archaeological site. It is integrated into the city with several thousand people living within its walls, which allows it to be a large part of its charm and why UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.

The palace is integrated with its Roman walls, rooms imperial stand medieval churches with medieval houses, narrow streets and charming squares with lively cafes and restaurants. Impressive right?.

Located next to a beautiful harbor in Split, enter the palace is a plan that can not be missed. Several tickets through its doors to walk through a maze of sandstone lanes. Very near the site in good condition is Papalic Palace, a place which houses an excellent museum of the city, offering a complete history of the city of Split. Also nearby you can see the ancient Roman cathedral called St. Dominus Cathedral, which was planned as the mausoleum of Diocletian, and built with 24 columns, altars and sculptures, stands in a splendid octagonal structure. It is recommended to climb the tower for excellent views of the city and the lush surroundings in the Peninsula including Marijan.

Sightseeing near the town of Trogir:

Conveniently located half an hour coming in on buses from Split, Trogir you can get to a place that offers a perfect counterpart to Split. This town appears bright with a strong Venetian influence in Trojir seems we’d arrived in the 16th century rather than this piece of Italian culture in Croatia from 21. The configuration shown here essentially unchanged for centuries and this can be seen in its old building in Split the residences of the aristocracy and nobility, which are almost perfectly preserved.

The famous Trogir Cathedral dominates the main square. The cathedral is known for its site on the west side showing allegorical scenes carved in 1240. Among the most attractive manor houses in the city are Cipiko Palace and Fortress Kamarlengo.

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